Soil & Water Analysis

In order to ensure that the grass on a bowling grows well and remains healthily it is important that the Green keeper knows how to keep the soil in the best condition.

The science of soil management is a complicated matter and can be very off-putting to an inexperienced green keeper. Each time a green is cut or receives water; nutrients and trace elements are removed from the growing ecosystem. These need to be replaced; otherwise the growth of the grass will be impeded.

Given the current uncertainties regarding climate change it is the PH value of the soil can also alter in direct proportion to the amount of rainfall received. It is important to know the PH value of the greens soil as it also has a direct impact on the healthy growth of the grass.

In order to ensure what needs to be replaced the green keeper needs to know with some degree of accuracy what the soil conditions are like on each green.

There is, however a relatively simple solution to this problem and that is to have the soil analysed by a laboratory.

Where borehole water is used a sample of the water should also be analysed, since its make up will affect the quality of the soil it is being put on.

Once the results come back, there are essentially two options

  • Make the analysis yourself to determine the fertilization routine.
  • Get professional help to determine the fertilization routine.

If the latter option is taken then it is recommended that green keepers use Elsenburg College. Contact details are included on our Contacts page.