The importance of having a level bowling green cannot be stressed enough. Indeed the green level makes up 30% of the total score allocated when determining the grading of a green. No Inspector or Club Committee can assume that there are no inconsistencies in the draw unless they have access to a level profile.

A recent level profile (3 years old or less) submitted by a competent person (i.e. a person approved by the District Greens Committee) is the only complete tool available to verify the consistency of the draw over the whole green. By taking note of the variations in levels it is possible to decide whether they would affect the draw or not.

All clubs applying for consideration for a SA competition must submit a recent profile of their greens with their application. These profiles must be submitted to the SA Bowls Greens Committee prior to them visiting the green. Any club not submitting a profile conforming to above will not be considered for the competition.

In order to produce a greens level profile a computer program has been developed using an excel spreadsheet which will automatically produce an accurate levels survey and give the BSA score.

In addition to the spreadsheet a set of easy to follow instructions have been produced which will assist with the actual procedures required to do the levels survey.

The instructions and excel program can be downloaded from our resources section.

Probably the best time to undertake a levels survey is before the annual green maintenance, when the results of the level survey can be used to get the green as level as possible. It should be remembered though, that it may not be possible to level the green entirely in one go, and that the leveling process may have to be taken incrementally.

Where a green is found to have poor levels it is recommended that a level profile is taken prior to each leveling process.