Cutting & Grooming


Cutting, or “Mowing” as it is more commonly known, is the term we use to describe the various cultivation practices the green keeper employs to control the growth of the turf grass and to maintain it at the desired level for a bowling green surface.

Mowing should take place every day when possible during the growing season and tapering off to-wards the autumn. Mowing should not take place if the grass is wet or damp as this can cause problems.

The most important features that can affect the mowing quality are:

  • Single and not double cutting (Always double cut).
  • Speed of the mower.
  • Cutting direction, never mow in the same direction on successive cuts, always change direction.

The recommended cutting depth is 4mm, although in certain circumstances such as tournaments this can be reduced slightly.


Grooming or scarifying is the process of controlling the thatch. Thatch is a concentrated layer of organic matter between the soil and the green surface. This layer creates a cushion which not only slows down the green, but harbours fungi and unwanted insects. It can also become impervious to water.

It is recommended that grooming is undertaken once a week during the growing season, whilst scarifying (which is a more aggressive approach) should be limited to the annual maintenance or if necessary lightly done prior to the main playing season.

Regular grooming will have a significant impact on the speed of a green.

For more detailed information on grooming and scarifying please consult the resources section.